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Show off all your options with eHomeFlex Floor Plan


  • Economical
    • Attract and engage potential home buyers online
    • Speed up the job start process
    • Flexible and Scalable
  • Knowledgeable
    • Powered by BIM Pipeline with intelligent data from your BIM files
    • HTML5 based, so it will work on your desktop, tablet and cell phone all the same
  • Comprehensive
    • e-lead generator
    • Sales consultant aide
    • Job start trigger

eHome enhances your online presence by allowing potential home buyers to experience your products through an interactive online tool.

The majority of buyers in today’s markets are visiting the Web to better educate themselves on their home buying options.

As a web based flex floor plan configurator, eHome allows potential home buyers to run different design scenarios creating the spark required to pull those e-leads into a face-to-face meeting with your sales staff.

Potential buyers and sales staff can access eHome from their desktop computer, tablet or mobile device, or a standalone sales kiosk within a sales center.


2D flex floor plan

2D Flex Floor Plan Configurator

2D Flex Floor Plan Configurator

eHome's 2D Flex Floor Plan Configurator allows the user to easily view all of the available options you provide for your homes. The ability to quickly and easily zoom, pan, and flip each floor plan makes this interactive application attractive to the new home buyer.

eHome Flex Floor Plan Configurator can handle any size home, showing the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and basement if available. Users can create their own account to save any favorite optionalized configurations, load them at any time, and share them with their friends and family. These shares are another way to bring new clients to your web site.

Community Planner

eHome's Community Planner shows off your new communities, available and sold lots, and local attractions. Let the users view a community's lot status, pictures and resources, or get a first-hand look via Google's Street View.

ehome community planner

Community Planner using Google Maps

ehome custom brochure

Custom Brochure using the selected house, options, and community

Custom Brochure Generator

Enjoy the ability to have the customer print his or her own custom brochure based on the community and house they select and all of the configured options.

Gone are the days of having thousands of brochures stored in the closet- let your customers easily create and print out their own in minutes.

Administrative Features

  • Monitor and review web statistics
  • Review and access potential client profiles
  • Access pricing, lot status, and option availability
  • Trigger the client job start process
ehome dashboard