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An interactive tool powered by Pipeline that helps builders attract new customers, interact with potential buyers and close sales.

Pipeline incorporates three modules that can be fully integrated or used as standalone functionality

  • The Flex Plan This tool allows the user to view all the available floor plan options you offer for your houses. The ability to quickly and easily zoom in on, pan across and flip each floor plan makes this interactive application attractive to the new homebuyer.
  • The Designer Provide a superior customer experience by making it fun for your homebuyers to personalize their new home. Interior and exterior paint colors, cabinets, appliances and other interior finishes can be selected online in a 3D platform that makes the process easy. Users are delighted as they see their choices come to life on screen, while the cost information flows efficiently back to you.
  • The Community Show the entire community plan complete with all planned homes, improvements and landscaping.


Pathway is made possible with our Pipeline technology solution and because of this, it can be integrated with many existing systems that you already have in place.

When new buyers are ready to sign the contract, Pathway allows your sales team to sit down and work side by side with them to customize every aspect of their new home. Going deeper with a more complete list of selections than they would see on your website, the new buyer will be able to select and solidify all the design options for every room inside and every aspect outside of their new home. The new buyer will be able to see a comprehensive list of what has been selected and the final costs associated with it. This is a more personal approach that gives the new buyer total control of the design of their new home.


Our interactive features engage potential buyers to better educate themselves on their homebuying decisions. Let CG Visions show you how to attract and captivate potential buyers by letting them experience and personalize your homes online and help turn prospects into sales.

From your customized website, new buyers can select Pathway and easily choose a home model to start designing from a sampling of interior and exterior possibilities for their new home. New buyers can choose The Designer for the interior designs, The Flex Plan for available floor plans or The Community to see available and sold lots in real time.